Professor of Computer Science at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
UTEP Distinguished Teaching Professor
UT System Academy of Distinguished Teachers
AT&T Fellow II


Decision making under uncertainty, using global optimization, constraint solving, and interval computations:
Specifically, over the years, I have worked on decision making for large dynamical systems under uncertainty, using reduced-order modeling of large computationally-intensive problems. For a while, I toyed with the problem of combinatorial testing, in particular t-wise covering test suites.
These days, I am developing an interest for optimization for neural networks, specifically as constraints and uncertainty may be involved.


Teaching is a passion. I discuss my teaching philosophy in a few of my blogs.   If you are looking for information about the courses I have taught over the years, please visit my page on teaching.


If you are trying to make an appointment with me for (under-graduate) advising, please go to my appointment scheduling page and suggest three 15-minute time slots among the times that are NOT shown busy, at least 2 business days in advance. Also, please make sure that you are making time suggestions on Mountain Standard Time.


For a more complete description of my work, visit the research section of this website (or visit the website of my research group: CR2G) or check my resume.

Austin 09/30/2019

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