On-going research projects:

  • Reduced-order modeling for solving large dynamic systems: a project of the Army High-Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC), Stanford University
  • Constraint solving and Optimization: CAREER project funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Combinatorial testing: t-wise covering test suites

Research interests:

  • Optimization: global, local, and robust algorithms
  • Continuous constraint solving: symbolic-numeric algorithms aiming at enhancing the solving process, flexible/soft constraints
  • Interval computations: more accurate evaluation of interval functions, handling uncertainty
  • Multi-criteria decision making, and decision under uncertainty, combination with interval computations
  • Applications of constraints and optimization: e.g., bio-medical engineering, computer security, software engineering

Other current interests include (but are not limited to): non-square matrices, tensors, large-scale systems, interval computations: other arithmetics for more efficient computations; and applications to: program verification, fuzzy measure extraction.

Files and more information are available:

On my Miscellaneous page, you can find my portfolio as submitted for T&P purposes.

Some of my publications are also available on my Publications page.

Note: if you do not find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact me by visiting the contact page of this website. Also, some more information can be found either on the website of my research group CR2G, or on the website about constraints that my students and I maintain: