My main interests lie in decision making under uncertainty and optimization. Over the years, my projects, although always related to decision under uncertainty and optimization, have led me to explore varied domains and applications. The beauty of Computer Science is that it applies to many areas, … all? As a result, I always seek collaborations across disciplines.

My current work is in: 

  • Decision making for large dynamical systems under uncertainty, using reduced-order modeling of large computationally-intensive problems
  • The study of neural networks and (e.g.,):
    • How uncertainty can be handled (NN-based decision-making under uncertainty) and taken advantage of
    • How to integrate constraints in the training of neural networks for increased performance and enhanced explainability
    • Its applications: specifically to the identification of ducks
  • Global optimization and constraint solving: symbolic-numeric algorithms aiming at enhancing the solving process, flexible/soft constraints

Other (related) research interests:

  • Interval computations: more accurate evaluation of interval functions, handling uncertainty
  • Multi-criteria decision making, and decision under uncertainty, combination with interval computations
  • Applications of constraints and optimization: e.g., bio-medical engineering, computer security, software engineering
  • Combinatorial testing: t-wise covering test suites 

Other current interests include (but are not limited to): non-square matrices, tensors, large-scale systems, and applications to: program verification, fuzzy measure extraction.

Some of my on-going research is as follows:

Some of my previously funded projects are: 


  • CoProD, Annually since 2008
  • NAFIPS’16, Annual conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, to be held at UTEP, Oct. 31 to Nov. 4.


On my Miscellaneous page, you can find my portfolio as submitted for T&P purposes.

Some of my publications are also available on my Publications page.

Note: if you do not find what you were looking for, please feel free to contact me by visiting the contact page of this website. Also, some more information can be found either on the website of my research group CR2G, or on the website about constraints that my students and I maintain:

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