Tenure: Research and Scholarship

On this page, you have access to details about the research and scholarship I have developed during my probationary period at UTEP as an assistant professor, as well as supporting documents, such as articles, proposals, letters from peers. Feel free to request any other information or document you might find necessary.

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Main file:

Supporting documents:

  • Articles (numbered as in Martine’s curriculum vitae)
    • [J2]  Martine Ceberio and Vladik Kreinovich, “Computing with Tensors: Potential Applications of Physics-Motivated Mathematics to Computer Science”, Journal of Uncertain Systems, 2010, Vol. 4, No. 3.
    • [J11] Fred́eric Benhamou, Martine Ceberio, Philippe Codognet, Hiroshi Hosobe, Christophe Jermann, Ken Satoh, Kasunori Ueda, “Franco-Japanese Research Collaboration in Constraint Programming, R&D Project Report”, in Progress in Informatics, no 3, pp. 59-65, 2006.
    • [J12] Chandra S. Pedamallu, Linet Ozdamar, Martine Ceberio, “Efficient Interval Partitioning – Local Search Collaboration for Constraint Satisfaction”, in the Journal on Computers and Operations Research,  2006.
    • [Ch2] Martine Ceberio, Tanja Magoc, Vladik Kreinovich, and François Modave, “Computational Methods for Investment Portfolio: the Use of Fuzzy Measures and Constraint Programming for Risk Management”, Aboul-Ella Hassanien and Ajith Abraham (Eds), Foundations on Computational Intelligence, in Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer Verlag, Vol. 202/2009, pp 133-173, 2009.
    • [Ch4] Martine Ceberio and François Modave, “Interval-based Multicriteria Decision Making”, in Modern Information Processing: From Theory to Applications, edited by B. Bouchon-Meunier, G. Coletti, R. R. Yager (Eds), Elsevier Mathematics, pp. 281–294, 2006.
    • [C3] Xiaojing Wang, Jeremy Cummins, and Martine Ceberio, “The Bees Algorithm to Extract Fuzzy Measures from Sample Data”, best student paper award, Proceedings of NAFIPS 2011, the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, 2011. Best Student Paper Award (first place).
    • [C9] Tanja Magoc, Martine Ceberio, and François Modave,  “Interval-based Multi-Criteria Decision Making: Strategies to Order Intervals”, in the proceedings of NAFIPS 2008, the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, 2008.
    • [C14] Stefano Bistarelli, Martine Ceberio, Eric Freudenthal, and Christian Servin, “An Optimization Approach to the Cascade Vulnerability Problem using Soft Constraints”, in the proceedings of NAFIPS 2007, the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society.
    • [C22] Martine Ceberio, Ken Satoh, and Hiroshi Hosobe, “Speculative Constraint Processing with Multi-Agent Belief Revision”, in the proceedings of CLIMA IV, Computational Logic in Multi-agent Systems, 2005.
    • [C27] Martine Ceberio and François Modave, ”An Interval-valued, 2-additive Choquet Integral for Multicriteria Decision Making”, in the proceedings of IPMU 2004, Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-based Systems, 2004.
    • More articles are available upon request. You can also visit the Publications page of this website to access a slightly longer list of articles.
  • Proposals:
    • Funded
      • PI (NSF CCF 0953339) CAREER: Symbolic-Numeric Constraint-Based Solutions for Real-World Scientific Problems. Duration: 01/01/2010 to 12/31/2014. Amount: $564,650.
      • PI (NSF CCF 0839052) Constraint Programming and Decision Making Workshop, CoProD’08. Duration: 08/15/2008 to 07/31/2010. Amount: $5,941.
    • Rejected:
      • Co-PI (NIH-RO 2006) Automated Diagnosis and Therapy in Human Gait Using the Methods of Computational Intelligence. Duration: 2006 – 2011. Amount: $2.5M.
  • Other supporting documents:

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