Fall 2019: CS2401 survey

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If you are trying to make an appointment with me for (under-graduate) advising, please go to meetme.so/Ceberio and suggest three 15-minute time slots among the times that are NOT shown busy, at least 2 business days in advance. Also, please make sure that you are making time suggestions on Mountain Standard Time.


  • CoProD’18 workshop to be held in Tokyo, Japan, on September 10, 2018.
  • Current work on:
    • decision making for large dynamic systems under uncertainty, using reduced-order modeling of large computationally-intensive problems
    • global optimization and constraint solving
    • combinatorial testing: t-wise covering test suites 
  • Previous projects on:
    • reduced-order modeling of large computationally-intensive problems (a project of Stanford’s Army High-Performance Computing Research Center — funded by ARL — 04/2013-12/2017)
    • global optimization and constraint solving (NSF CAREER project — 01/2009-12/2016)
    • prediction of experts’ decisions using Choquet integral and optimization, as well as argumentation networks and soft constraints (with Stefano Bistarelli, Uni. Perugia, Italy — funded by AAAS)
    • a Virtual GeoCaching Game

My main research areas are:

  • Solution of large nonlinear systems via Model-Order Reduction and Interval Constraint Solving
  • Optimization: global, local, and robust algorithms
  • Continuous constraint solving: symbolic-numeric algorithms aiming at enhancing the solving process, flexible/soft constraints
  • Interval computations: more accurate evaluation of interval functions, handling uncertainty
  • Multi-criteria decision making, and decision under uncertainty, combination with interval computations
  • Applications of constraints and optimization: e.g., bio-medical engineering, computer security, software engineering
  • Others: non-square interval matrices, tensors

Previous conferences held

  • NAFIPS’16, Annual conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society, to be held at UTEP, Oct. 31 to Nov. 4.
  • CoProD, Annually since 2008

For a more complete description of my work on these topics, visit the research section of this website or the website of my research group: CR2G.

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The documents for my tenure application (2011-2012) are available on this website (under “misc”).