Tenure: Service

On this page, you have access to details about the research and scholarship I have developed during my probationary period at UTEP as an assistant professor, as well as supporting documents, such as articles, proposals, letters from peers. Feel free to request any other information or document you might find necessary.

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Main file:

Supporting documents: (work in progress)

  • Service to research community
    • Websites:
      • Website of the workshop on Distributed and Speculative Constraint Programming (DSCP’2005)
      • Websites of the track on Reliable Computations and their Applications (RCA’06, RCA’07) at ACM SAC
      • Website of the Annual Conference of the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS’11)
    • Professional distinction:
  • Service to local community
    • Letters from:
      • Dr. Enrique Trevino, visiting professor at Strathmore College, co-organizer of the Proyecto Abel in 2006 in Ciudad Juarez
      • Mary Beth Farkas, Counselor at Mitzi Bond Elementary School of El Paso
      • Dr. Maria Alvarez, Professor of Biology at El Paso Community College
      • Guvanch Atamyradov, Principal of Harmony Science Academy of El Paso, North East campus
    • Website:

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